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viktor schauberger
Victor Schauberger

Alkaline water is a healing force that nourishes the plants and animals who consume it. Victor Schauberger discovered this fact when he realized that water emerging from springs deep within the earth possessed a vital energy.(1*) This energy stayed with the water while it flowed through the cooler and more shaded parts of the forest. Once in contact with large amounts of direct sunlight, the water’s vital energy and alkaline properties disappeared.

claude vincent
Claude Vincent

This same finding was discovered by a hydrologist named Claude Vincent. Vincent was tasked with finding out why some areas of his home country (France) had a higher rate of disease than others.(2*)

What he found was that the healthier areas had water that was alkaline and full of life-giving energy. He also found that in areas with high rates of disease, the water was acidic. Water that came from sources which required the water to flow over large distances on open terrain proved to be more acidic than local, sheltered and shaded water that was collected immediately after it emerged from deep inside the earth. Vincent made three observations from his study of the different water sources.

First, water that is alkaline leads to vitality in those who drink it. Moreover, the "insides" of a person match their “outsides” of their environment. So, those who consume alkaline water have alkaline blood pH and alkaline tissues. Conversely, those who drink acidic water have acidic blood pH and tissues.

Second, acidic water is a result of something chemists call an oxidation-reduction reaction.(3*) When something is oxidized, it loses electrons and when oxidization is reduced it gains electrons. The measure of the number of electrons in a solution is called its rH.(4*) Water that has to travel long distances in open terrain or in water pipes is oxidized (losing more electrons) proportionate to the distance it has to travel. Vincent observed that in places where drinking highly oxidized water was commonplace, the rate of disease was substantially higher than in areas where oxidation-reduced water was consumed.

There is some research that validates this theory. A small tribe in Pakistan called the Hunza were studied.  Why did some live longer than others? The answer was found in the water they drank. Those that lived longer drank energized water from mountain streams. This water was not only full of electrons but also vital trace minerals picked up from the mountain itself.

Finally, Vincent tested a number of minerals dissolved in the various water sources in France. He found that those who drank water with high amounts of minerals were in better health than those who drank mineral-depleted water. Further, he noted that rainwater directly from clouds was not as healthful as water that had come from the earth and soaked up minerals along the way.

From these observations, Vincent created the biological terrain test to measure both the pH of the body and the stress from the “load” of over-oxidation. It was found that the body is healthiest when the extracellular fluid has a pH of around 7.4 and an rH of 22.(4*)

The rH of 22 is critical to the vitality of the human body. In fact, blood that is off by even 2 units of rH can cause disruptions such as loss of energy and problems concentrating. To put the rH scale in context, blood that is over-oxidized by 1 rH unit has 10x fewer electrons than healthy blood. Because the scale is exponential, a 2 unit difference means 100x fewer electrons, a 3 unit difference means 1000x fewer electrons and so on. At a deviation of 3 units or more, a person can expect to experience massive acidification of the blood and tissues.

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