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When deciding upon what type of alkaline water or alkaline bottled water to consume, you may come across the words "ionized, ionic water or alkaline ionizer” which are all pretty much the same word. You might be wondering how ionized water is different than alkaline water. Ionized water is simply a type of alkaline water that is created via electrolysis.(1*)

For a compound to be ionized, the charge of that compound must be altered. So, when water (which is a compound) is ionized, it means that the water either loses or gains some charge.(2*) During the process that alters the charge, ions are created. Electrolysis is the tool used to create ions in water (alter its charge). Electrolysis refers to the process of generating an electric current to create a reaction.

In water ionizers, an electric current is produced and directed through the water. Each molecule of water contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The current splits a portion of the water molecules into their smaller parts, which in the case of water are two different ions. The electric current breaks apart the water into hydrogen and hydroxide. Hydroxide is just a fancy name for hydrogen bonded with oxygen.(3*) For an electric current to be generated, the device creating the current must have a positive end and a negative end. This is why batteries have positive and negative sides to them and why they must be inserted in the correct orientation into the device they power to work.

When water undergoes electrolysis, the portion of water that is near the negative side of the current generator is more acidic (because excess hydrogen ions collect near this side) while the portion of water that is near the positive side of the device is more alkaline (because excess hydroxide ions accumulate near this side).(3*)

This alkaline portion of the water is collected, bottled, and sold to you as ionized, ionic or alkaline water. The problem with this type of alkaline water is that it does not stay alkaline for long. The energy required to split water into hydrogen and hydroxide is far greater than the energy needed for the opposite reaction to take place. Thus, “ionized” water sitting in a bottle within 24 hours revert to its normal pH range which is (around a pH 7) on its own.(4*) Unless you drink the water within 24 hours the benefits will be lost, and this is the reason you are wasting your money if you buy ionic, ionized or alkaline water in bottles. 

What is worse is that most bottled water is shipped in plastic containers. Plastic bottles are both cheaper to produce(5*) and stand up to the rigors of travel better than their glass counterparts. However, plastic containers are prone to leaching dangerous substances like Phthalates and BPA.(6*) Their substances dissolve into the “alkaline” water and are then consumed by those who drink it. While glass bottles are a safer alternative to plastic that comes at an increased cost. The cost of packaging on average is far greater than the cost of the water inside the bottle, but still, the ionic, ionized, alkaline properties will be lost.

Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops uses Bioavailable Coral Calcium that when placed in water will deliver a powerhouse of bioavailable coral calcium. Even if you have the freshest ionized water on the planet, it will still pale in comparison to our Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops. Why? Because Natural Home Cures Drops come jam-packed with 72 essential trace minerals like  calcium, iron, and magnesium, to name a few.

If you are going to drink alkaline water, why not drink the best? It just makes sense to use  Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium in an easy to carry convenient foil bag which will turn any ordinary tap or bottled water into a super-charged health elixir that will not only hydrate you, save you money but also get you on your way to perfect health.


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