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Watching what you eat and keeping active are essential to maintaining optimal blood sugar levels.

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What Is The Difference Between Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes?

Diabetes Type-1, the more severe of the two variants, makes up about 15% of all cases and is usually noted at a young age - hence the term "Juvenile Diabetes."(1*) Type-1 is an autoimmune disease of which the cause is unknown, and it cannot be prevented.(2*) The scientific community still has a murky understanding of why the body's immune system destroys the cells that release insulin, eventually eliminating the ability to produce insulin altogether. Without insulin, cells cannot absorb the sugar (glucose) they need to produce energy. Those afflicted with Type-1 will experience sudden spikes of very high blood sugars, causing symptoms so severe, medical attention is required immediately. Episodes of hypoglycemia, low blood sugars, are also common.

The cause of diabetes Type-2 is understood a little better. In Type-2, the body is unable to use the insulin effectively; this is called insulin resistance. In those with susceptibility, eating a diet high in sugar or complex carbohydrates can cause the body to stop responding to insulin in a healthy manner. Type-2 diabetes, which was formerly only found in adults, is now increasingly being diagnosed in young children. High processed foods in the western diet is a major contributing factor.

Without insulin, the sugar from the food you eat cannot enter the body’s cells. Sugar will circulate in the bloodstream, but it cannot be utilized for energy. As a result, a decreased, or no insulin response starves your body at the cellular level.(3*)

Diabetes is a serious disease with far-reaching consequences. Both types can increase a person's range of serious complications and is the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure. There is a critical risk for heart attack, stroke, and leg or foot amputations. Thankfully, Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium might be able to help.


Why Consume Coral Calcium?

Calcium is a major factor in many of the biological processes of the body. In fact, it is a major player in the process that allows your neurons (the cells that make up your brain) to fire their electrical impulses.(4*) Together, these firing neurons create the physiological basis of your mind. But what does this have to do with diabetes? A study done at Tufts University and published in Diabetes Care showed that taking a calcium supplement of 500 mg per day (as opposed to 250 mg) significantly reduced the chance of developing Type-2 diabetes.(Peer Review Study From Tufts University Called Diabetes and Obesity.)(5*)

Our Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium can also safely and naturally bring your blood pH into a healthier and more alkaline range. This, in turn, can help your immune system function more efficiently as it can stop expending resources on repairing the damage from low-level chronic inflammation.

If you or someone you know suffers from diabetes or if you’re worried about developing the disorder (perhaps it runs in your family), then try our Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium. What do you have to lose?


Feel The Natural Power Of Top-Of-The-Line Blood Sugar Supporters Working For You

Don't put yourself through one more day of worry and guilt, or spend one more week dreading your next doctor's visit. Things could finally be different; you owe it to yourself to see what our Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium may do for your Diabetes!

Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops Contains:

Iodine also aids in the production of hormones. If the body lacks iodine, several health conditions can result including goiters, heart disease, various types of cancer, eye disease, diabetes, and stroke.(7*)

Chromium is used by the body for digesting food. Chromium may also help with type-2 diabetes as it moves the sugar in the bloodstream into cells. It may also help with energy production by turning fats and carbohydrates into energy that the body can use. Those with chromium deficiency are at increased risk for glaucoma. Finally, chromium has been shown to slow the loss of calcium and thus may be taken to assist those with osteoporosis.(8*)

Magnesium is essential for human life, yet the body can only use it when calcium and phosphorus are present in their proper ratiosMagnesium aids in activating (ATP) which is the body's main cellular energy source.(9*) Magnesium is also required for muscle movement and for the synthesis of various amino acids.(10*) This trace mineral helps regulate blood sugar levels, regulate blood pressure and is used in protein synthesis. Half of all magnesium found in the body is found in the bones. It is required for proper absorption of calcium and good bone health.(11*)  Magnesium may be helpful for those that have osteoporosis and in diabetes (as it helps regulate blood sugar levels.)

If you want to get a handle on your diabetes, then you should consume both our Pure Alkaline Water Drops along with our Freeze Dried Nopal Powder Capsules (Prickly Pear) which are engineered to complement one another for maximum results.

Our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Nopal Powder Capsules (Prickly Pear) contains the amino acids leucine and phenylalanine that may assist in increasing the insulin response(12*)—important for those who are not producing enough insulin. Further, blood-glucose levels may be controlled by the arginine(13*) that is found in our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Nopal Powder Capsules (Prickly Pear).


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We are confident that our Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium will have a tremendous impact on your Diabetes. To make sure that you try this today, we're going to put our money on the line and make it worth your while. Either your blood sugar readings improve, and you feel more energy...Or you get Your Money Back!

Diabetes will wreak havoc on your heart, kidneys, pancreas, brain and may ultimately take your life. Sadly, drugs commonly prescribed for the treatment of diabetes are not attacking the disease; they are designed to address only the symptoms. Side effects caused by these medications may require more prescriptions to combat those side effects. These new medications may render your original ones less effective. You will never get off that "hamster wheel"!


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