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Receive Free Products or Cash By Telling Others About Us

Please Note: For client’s who DO NOT have their own website, and/or will not be using banners, text ads, or other media from our server, you DO NOT need to complete the application process below. You will automatically receive store credit for ALL your referrals. At the time of your referrals purchase either online or telephone, they will be asked "Who Referred You?" and when they indicate your name, we will give you the appropriate store credit based on our payout rates below.

If at any time, you think your referral has made a purchase and did not name you as their referrer, please contact Natural Home Cures so we can investigate and apply the credits for all present and past sales. Your referral only has to mention your name once, as all future orders are automatically credited to you.


Unlimited Earning Potential And You're Paid Daily

With the Natural Home Cures Affiliate/Referral Program you have an unlimited earning potential.

Pay Per Sale:
20% 1st Level Commissions - Paid out for all your direct referrals who purchase any product at Natural Home Cures.

10% 2nd Level Commissions - Paid out on all your referrals who refer someone who purchases any product at Natural Home Cures. For example, if you refer Paul who refers Mary; you would earn 10% commissions on all of Mary's purchases.


Get Paid For All Your Referrals

(1) Simply have your referral give us your name and you will be credited for all present and future purchases they make. You DO NOT need to complete the affiliate registration form unless you are going to be using our media (banners, etc.) on your website or the Internet.

(2) When you complete the affiliate form application, you will be presented with an affiliate ID and link. You can send this link to your online friends and family, and if they click on the link and make a purchase or if they provide us with your Affiliate ID number, you will receive credit for their present and future orders.

(3) Ask us: you can call us at any time or send an email about your family and friends orders that you'd like us to check on and if they've placed an order, we will credit you for all their past purchases.


Store Credits Paid Out As Soon As You Receive Them

Once you earn store credit of $1 (one dollar) or more, you can immediately use this credit towards your purchase of any products at Natural Home Cures. Any credit balance that remains after using the allocated credits will remain in your store credit account until you wish to redeem them.


$100 In Store Credits Earns You A Cash Payment

If you earn MORE than $100.00 in store credits, you can choose to be paid by either physical check or through Paypal.


24 Hour 7 Days/Week Unlimited Support

Contact Us Anytime! You can contact us anytime. We know your reputation is at stake when endorsing products/services and you will always have a complete customer service, marketing, and technical team supporting you every step of the way.